The International Taekwon-do Federation held the 3rd ITF Convention in Benidorm, Spain 1-5 March 2017 which allows our members from across the world to collaborate and share ideas and learning for the future development and continual growth of our organisation.

Master Daher & Master El-Sheikh from Australia were both in attendance with Master Daher arriving earlier to attend the ITF Executive Board Meeting to discuss ITF business matters and strategies for the ITF vision and its successful implementation to ensure the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi.

The event was officially opened with a welcoming speech by President Trajtenberg then over the next 4 days the ITF conducted 13 different workshops varying from physical training, presentations, lectures and group discussions for the development of all the facets of Taekwon-do which make it both a Martial Art & Sport.

The Professionalism of the ITF organisation lead by President Grand Master Trajtenberg and the leadership of the ITF executive board which are constantly reviewing and developing new initiatives while keeping true to the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi.

The feedback and talk amongst all attendees proved it to be a huge success which indicated the ITF vision and strategy of the ITF Executive Board is headed in the right direction as it focuses on future professional development and the service of its membership world wide.

We thank the ITF, GM Ferrando, Master Andressen  for the program and Mr Paco Ferrando along with his organising team for hosting the 3rd ITF Convention in Benidorm, Spain and we look forward to the next event.


Communication & Development Committee

ITF Taekwon-do Australia



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