International Taekwon-Do Federation

Individual Black Belt Degree Application Form


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Note every transaction processed by the National Association to the international body has a AUS$20 fee applied to cover the international transfer fee to the ITF. This includes all certificates and plaque fees.


ITF Grading fees

ITF component           National Association              Examiner fee                Total grading fee                                

1st degree         Euro$52.5                   Euro$3.50+AUS$20               Euro$14                    Euro$70+AUD$20

2nd degree        Euro$78.75                 Euro$5.25+AUS$20               Euro$21                    Euro$105+AUD$20

3rd degree         Euro$105                    Euro$7.00+AUS$20               Euro$28                    Euro$140+AUD$20

4th degree         Euro$157.5                 Euro$10.50+AUS$20             Euro$42                    Euro$210+AUD$20

5th degree         Euro$210                    Euro$14+AUS$20                  Euro$56                    Euro$280+AUD$20

6th degree         Euro$262.50               Euro$17.50+AUS$20             Euro$70                    Euro$350+AUD$20


Replacement certificates 1st degree to 3rd degree Euro$21 +AUS$20

Replacement certificates 4th degree to 9th degree Euro$49 +AUS$20


All fees for the grading should be converted at the rate of the Euro$ at the time of the grading. It should also be noted that the Examiner fee applied is the minimum fee prescribed by the ITF and the actual fee set is at the discretion of the Examiner.