ITF Newcastle’s biggest student grading

ITF Newcastle held student grading at Lambton Dojang

The biggest student grading held in Newcastle with 30 colour belts grading.

President of the National association Master Michael Daher visited Newcastle to present grading certificates to the successful students.

The National squad members from Sydney also where in attendance and had sparring drills added to there 2017 campaign by Master Daher after the grading.

First for Toowoomba

First grading for IL-Shim Toowoomba students.

Over the past few months students have been preparing for the grading day with 8th Degree Master Michael Daher President of the National Association, Mr Talbat was very proud of his students performances as many of these are his first students to grade after only opening his school in Toowoomba recently.

The youngest at 5 William to the oldest still only 15 years all performed very well.
Chynna is showing early promise and may even grade to a higher belt next grading if she works hard between gradings.
Students promoted on the day:
William 5yrs old
Zack 7yrs old
Chloe 9yrs old
Jesse 11yrs old
Curtis 12yrs old
Baihlie 14yrs Old
Chynna 15yrs old

ITF Taekwon-do would like to congratulate all students on their new ranks, we look forward to seeing you all continue to grow and move through the ranks.

Congratulations to Students

Four Parramatta teenagers to represent Australia at the ITF Taekwondo World Championships in Ireland in October.

“Four Parramatta teenagers will take on the world’s best at the 2017 International Taekwondo Federation World Championships in Ireland in October.
It will be the second world competition for Jacob Khadi, Matthew Travieso and Charlie Dagher, while James Sarkis will compete on the international stage for the first time.

James, 15, is from North Parramatta and said it would be a serious test of his skills.
“I’m looking forward to fighting new competitors because you get more out of it,” he said.
“Instead of sparring the same people, fighting new people will be a good experience for me. I’ll be able to test how our training works on the mat.”
The foursome are all first dan black belts and train at the Il Shim Taekwondo gym in Rydalmere. Nine competitors from the gym will make the trip to Ireland in a team of 20 representing Australia.

Jacob, 14, said he would be better for the experience after travelling to the World Cup in Hungary last year.
“The adrenaline of being in the arena really psyched you up to spar and just to be there,” the Oatlands resident said.
“It was a wake up call to how much further we can go and how much more we can do.
“It was good to see what the outside world and everyone else was doing and how you can match it and beat it.”
Greystanes residents Matthew and Charlie, both 15, know the feeling of international competition.

Matthew claimed a bronze medal in sparring at last years’ World Cup and said it was “more of a challenge” competing against new opponents.
Charlie said they had learned not to let their nerves get the better of them in international competition.
“It was exciting to find out that we were fighting in a different country at such a big tournament,” he said.
“It was really enjoyable because it was new to us and got a lot of good experience out of it. We didn’t go too well but I think we’re ready for the next World Championships.”
-Parramatta Sun
Click here to read the full article from the Parramatta Sun

Join Us, we are Taekwon-do ITF

Join us

We are Taekwon-do ITF


NA President Visits Regional Victoria

NA President visits regional Victoria 

Master Michael Daher President of the Natuonal Association visits Stawell in country  Victoria to conduct a Master Seminar and grading.

Continuing the legacy, teaching all levels and ages the fundamentals, from basic movements to advanced for those in attendance.

Master Daher does not prejudge age or ability teaches to all in his Master classes.

With the assistances of Mr Paul Harper 6th degree black belt and Vice President of the NA the students of country Victoria were in good hands.

Mr Peter Crosbie Report on Technical Seminar


“I am 21 years old” Master Daher stated with a glint in his eye. This set the tone for a fantastic technical seminar that he gave to members of Cu Chulainn Perth and Il Shim Melbourne last weekend in Melbourne. Over dinner, Master Daher gave a witty but insightful answer to a brave question put to him by Mr Crosbie 5th Degree. The point being was simple and well thought out. Master Daher like everyone in this life gets older and wiser but that certainly does not mean that the Taekwon-Do body needs to. He gave a brilliant speech to all the black belts around the importance of breathing properly, eating right and ridding the mind of negative energy.

10 members of Cu Chulainn Perth arrived in Melbourne last weekend having never done a seminar under Master Daher. We had heard the stories and seen the videos of the legendary jumping twist kick but to see the leg kick that comes from nowhere in real life was fantastic.

The morning kicked off at 9am with Mr Paul Harper 6th degree and his wife Ms Michelle Harper 3rd degree organising an excellent venue and big welcome to everyone who attended.Several senior black belts ranging from 1st right through to 6th Degree black belt took to the floor with Master Daher running through all the colour belt patterns during the first half of the day. The second half of the day was the senior black belt patterns.

His knowledge and tips for improvement were outstanding and students on the floor were invited to ask questions freely. Knowledge was shared and Master Daher regularly sprinkled humour making everyone feel at ease.

“You can ask me any question you wish. I will do my best to answer but like you, I am a student of TKD and I am learning from you, so if I do not know then I will find out for you”

The thing was he did ‘know’ and not one question went unanswered.

The two highest ranking Students Mr Harper 6th Degree and Mr Crosbie 5th Degree consistently were left in awe with the advice given and were challenged throughout the day particularly during So San and Se Jung. By the end of the Seminar, all members left the hall feeling a great sense of enlightenment and new found knowledge. New friendships made and new improvements sourced.

The trip back to the hotel in the van was testimony of a great day as Cu Chulainn members from Perth chatted positively. In sum, it was a great day.Master Daher has made a provisional date to travel to Perth to test senior black belts from Cu Chulainn and other clubs on the weekend of Dec 10th/11th . For more information contact Mr Crosbie, Mr Abdallah or Mr Harper. All black belts wishing to grade will be most welcome in Perth in December !


Mr Crosbie


5th Degree Black Belt Instructor( ITF Taekwon-Do Australia)

Technical Seminar

Over the Anzac weekend Il Shim Melbourne hosted NA President, Master Michael Daher who held a technical seminar for the students of Il Shim Melbourne and Cu Chulaiin TKD.  Mr Peter Crosbie and his team travelled to Melbourne to take part in the day in preparation for Senior Black Belt gradings to be held later in 2016. The day was full of learning and development for all.

Il Shim Melbourne would like to thank Master Daher for making the trip to Melbourne.  We would also like to thank Mr Peter Crosbie and his team for making the trip across the Nullabor.

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2016 Umpires Course



Sydney 7th February 2016
Time 9am to 4pm
Cost: $40
ITF KMA  Headquarters, Corner of Yates Ave & Fullford Rd, Dundas Valley

Sunshine Coast 14th February 2016
Time 9am to 4pm
Cost: $40
NAMBOUR PCYC,  3 Youth Ave, Burnside QLD 4560

Please deposit the registration fee of $40 into account:

Account Name: ITF Taekwon-do Australia
BSB 083-636, Account No. 83 340 6275
All deposits need to use Ump16-surname

Personal Details
Club Information


I understand that this event is a martial arts event and as a condition of acceptance of my entry in the event hosted by “ITF Taekwon-Do Australia”, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators hereby waive all and any claims, right or cause of action which I or they may otherwise have, for or arising out of loss of life or injury, damage or loss of any description whatsoever, which I might suffer or sustain in the course of, or consequent upon my entry and participation in the said tournament.

I Understand that I acknowledge this disclaimer by submitting this application



Sydney Sparring Seminar February 2016

Sparring seminar Sydney

6th February 2016
Time 9am to 4pm
Cost: $100

Please deposit the registration fee of $100 into account:

Account Name: M Daher
BSB 082-365, Account No. 86 651 6868
All deposits need to use SparFeb16-surname

ITF Fight Series 1 – Sydney

Fight Series


Click here for more information ITF FIGHT SERIES invitational letter

 Click here for the Fight Series 1 Application Form

It is with great pleasure we extend this open invitation to all Martial Arts to attend the 1st ITF Fight Series Championships to be held in Sydney, Australia. 5 March 2016.
This series of Championships will become the benchmark for ITF TAEKWON-DO Australia to monitor and select the National Team to represent Australia at the ITF World Championships which are held every 2 years.
This series is called the Road to Ireland 2017. The championships will be based on the International TAEKWON-DO Federation competition rules but open to all martial arts irrespective of style, affiliation or uniform colour.
Current National ITF champions and developing athletes will be present and we welcome all ITF TAEKWON-DO, WTF Taekwondo, WAKO, Karate, Kick Boxing, Hapkido, Kung-Fu and all other martial arts disciplines to join us in these championships.
We look forward to welcoming you all, and celebrating together in these championships and developing strong mutual friendships in the Martial Arts spirit based on the Tenets of TAEKWON-DO Courtesy – Integrity – Perseverance – Self Control – Indomitable Spirit