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The 2017 ITF Taekwon-Do Australia National Championships were held on 5-6 August with over 180 competitors coming together from across four states of Australia and special guests from New Zealand.

The spirit of Taekwon-do was displayed by all in competition and respect upholding our Founders legacy of true ITF Taekwon-Do.  Three Masters were present at these championships being ITF Board Member Master Michael Daher ( 8th degree ), Senior Vice President Master Moustapha El-Sheikh ( 7th degree ) and special VIP Master Tam Fook Chee ( 8th degree ).

The championships were officially opened by the Tournament Director Mr Paul Harper welcoming everyone followed by Umpire Director Mr Trevor McIntyre briefing the Coaches and Umpires before the day kicked off.

This years championships witnessed a renewed energy and reconnection with some dear friends from our ITF family in Australia.

Master Tam Fook Chee 8th degree from Tam Taekwon-Do Mudokwan honoured us with his presence and members of his team who competed with great discipline and respect.

Bai Rui Taekwon-Do Team led by Mr Lance Birch travelling down from Brisbane with a big team. The friendship between our organisation spans decades with our President Master Daher and Bai Rui Founder the Late Master Charles Birch sharing many memories from the foundation years of ITF under Grand Master Young Ku Yun to leading the Australian Team to many ITF World Championships.

Elite Taekwon-Do Team led by Mr Carlo Giampietro added a new dimension with new competition and friendships made.

Saturday Competition was all coloured belt divisions which had some excellent display of the next generation of potential talent on the rise.

Sunday Competition comprised all the Black Belt divisions showing some entertaining fast paced high intensity competition between the seniors.

ITF Taekwon-Do Australia would like to thank all Umpires, Officials, Ring Marshalls, Coaches, Competitors, Parents and Supporters who without their dedication and commitment would not have made these championships such a success. Thank you to the Allied Association members that travelled from Perth, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast for your continued support and assistance over the weekend.

Special thank you to our President Master Daher for being present at these Championships during these rough times that your family has gone through with the tragic loss of your brother Tannous ( Tony ) Daher, may he rest in peace.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next one.


Master El-Sheikh

Senior Vice President





The International Taekwon-do Federation held the 3rd ITF Convention in Benidorm, Spain 1-5 March 2017 which allows our members from across the world to collaborate and share ideas and learning for the future development and continual growth of our organisation.

Master Daher & Master El-Sheikh from Australia were both in attendance with Master Daher arriving earlier to attend the ITF Executive Board Meeting to discuss ITF business matters and strategies for the ITF vision and its successful implementation to ensure the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi.

The event was officially opened with a welcoming speech by President Trajtenberg then over the next 4 days the ITF conducted 13 different workshops varying from physical training, presentations, lectures and group discussions for the development of all the facets of Taekwon-do which make it both a Martial Art & Sport.

The Professionalism of the ITF organisation lead by President Grand Master Trajtenberg and the leadership of the ITF executive board which are constantly reviewing and developing new initiatives while keeping true to the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi.

The feedback and talk amongst all attendees proved it to be a huge success which indicated the ITF vision and strategy of the ITF Executive Board is headed in the right direction as it focuses on future professional development and the service of its membership world wide.

We thank the ITF, GM Ferrando, Master Andressen  for the program and Mr Paco Ferrando along with his organising team for hosting the 3rd ITF Convention in Benidorm, Spain and we look forward to the next event.


Communication & Development Committee

ITF Taekwon-do Australia




ITF Board Member, Oceania Taekwon-do Federation & ITF Taekwon-do Australia President Master Michael Daher would like to congratulate Master Peter Barbour and Master James Rimmer on their successful promotion to 8th degree during the recent IIC 115 Auckland, New Zealand.  

Unfortunately Master Daher was unable to attend the IIC and grading due to ITF Board meeting at ITF Headquarters in Spain ahead of the ITF Convention. Senior Vice President Master El-Sheikh was present at the Grading along with the Masters to witness the exceptional exhibition of Taekwon-do skill and knowledge as Grand Master Marano and Grand Master Lan tested Master Barbour and Master Rimmer before proudly announcing their new rank of 8th degree.

Oceania Taekwon-do Federation is proud to have these newly promoted 8th degree Masters. It is always an honour to see people promoted to the rank they deserve after a lifelong dedication to the art with no short cuts and even more respected when they are master ranks.

IIC 115 was conducted by the ITF technical committee comprising of Chairman GM Marano, GM Lan & Master McPhail who taught as usual with passion sharing their vast knowledge with all the participants.

9 Masters from the Oceania Taekwon-do federation were present at the IIC being;

Master Evan Davidson

Master Rocky Rounthwaite

Master Mahesh Bhana

Master Peter Barbour

Master James Rimmer

Master Steve Pellow

Master Andrew Salton

Master Gray Patterson

Master Moustapha El-Sheikh

We would like to thank Master Bhana and his organising committee team for hosting the IIC with excellent execution. Also special thanks to Master Pellow and his wife Fran for hosting a exclusive afternoon lunch for the Grand Masters and Masters at their home which allowed everyone to relax and enjoy a special time together over excellent food and even better company.



Behalf of Master Daher

Master El-Sheikh

Communications & Development

ITF Taekwon-do Australia