The 2017 ITF Taekwon-Do Australia National Championships were held on 5-6 August with over 180 competitors coming together from across four states of Australia and special guests from New Zealand.

The spirit of Taekwon-do was displayed by all in competition and respect upholding our Founders legacy of true ITF Taekwon-Do.  Three Masters were present at these championships being ITF Board Member Master Michael Daher ( 8th degree ), Senior Vice President Master Moustapha El-Sheikh ( 7th degree ) and special VIP Master Tam Fook Chee ( 8th degree ).

The championships were officially opened by the Tournament Director Mr Paul Harper welcoming everyone followed by Umpire Director Mr Trevor McIntyre briefing the Coaches and Umpires before the day kicked off.

This years championships witnessed a renewed energy and reconnection with some dear friends from our ITF family in Australia.

Master Tam Fook Chee 8th degree from Tam Taekwon-Do Mudokwan honoured us with his presence and members of his team who competed with great discipline and respect.

Bai Rui Taekwon-Do Team led by Mr Lance Birch travelling down from Brisbane with a big team. The friendship between our organisation spans decades with our President Master Daher and Bai Rui Founder the Late Master Charles Birch sharing many memories from the foundation years of ITF under Grand Master Young Ku Yun to leading the Australian Team to many ITF World Championships.

Elite Taekwon-Do Team led by Mr Carlo Giampietro added a new dimension with new competition and friendships made.

Saturday Competition was all coloured belt divisions which had some excellent display of the next generation of potential talent on the rise.

Sunday Competition comprised all the Black Belt divisions showing some entertaining fast paced high intensity competition between the seniors.

ITF Taekwon-Do Australia would like to thank all Umpires, Officials, Ring Marshalls, Coaches, Competitors, Parents and Supporters who without their dedication and commitment would not have made these championships such a success. Thank you to the Allied Association members that travelled from Perth, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast for your continued support and assistance over the weekend.

Special thank you to our President Master Daher for being present at these Championships during these rough times that your family has gone through with the tragic loss of your brother Tannous ( Tony ) Daher, may he rest in peace.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next one.


Master El-Sheikh

Senior Vice President





The International Taekwon-do Federation held the 3rd ITF Convention in Benidorm, Spain 1-5 March 2017 which allows our members from across the world to collaborate and share ideas and learning for the future development and continual growth of our organisation.

Master Daher & Master El-Sheikh from Australia were both in attendance with Master Daher arriving earlier to attend the ITF Executive Board Meeting to discuss ITF business matters and strategies for the ITF vision and its successful implementation to ensure the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi.

The event was officially opened with a welcoming speech by President Trajtenberg then over the next 4 days the ITF conducted 13 different workshops varying from physical training, presentations, lectures and group discussions for the development of all the facets of Taekwon-do which make it both a Martial Art & Sport.

The Professionalism of the ITF organisation lead by President Grand Master Trajtenberg and the leadership of the ITF executive board which are constantly reviewing and developing new initiatives while keeping true to the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi.

The feedback and talk amongst all attendees proved it to be a huge success which indicated the ITF vision and strategy of the ITF Executive Board is headed in the right direction as it focuses on future professional development and the service of its membership world wide.

We thank the ITF, GM Ferrando, Master Andressen  for the program and Mr Paco Ferrando along with his organising team for hosting the 3rd ITF Convention in Benidorm, Spain and we look forward to the next event.


Communication & Development Committee

ITF Taekwon-do Australia




ITF Board Member, Oceania Taekwon-do Federation & ITF Taekwon-do Australia President Master Michael Daher would like to congratulate Master Peter Barbour and Master James Rimmer on their successful promotion to 8th degree during the recent IIC 115 Auckland, New Zealand.  

Unfortunately Master Daher was unable to attend the IIC and grading due to ITF Board meeting at ITF Headquarters in Spain ahead of the ITF Convention. Senior Vice President Master El-Sheikh was present at the Grading along with the Masters to witness the exceptional exhibition of Taekwon-do skill and knowledge as Grand Master Marano and Grand Master Lan tested Master Barbour and Master Rimmer before proudly announcing their new rank of 8th degree.

Oceania Taekwon-do Federation is proud to have these newly promoted 8th degree Masters. It is always an honour to see people promoted to the rank they deserve after a lifelong dedication to the art with no short cuts and even more respected when they are master ranks.

IIC 115 was conducted by the ITF technical committee comprising of Chairman GM Marano, GM Lan & Master McPhail who taught as usual with passion sharing their vast knowledge with all the participants.

9 Masters from the Oceania Taekwon-do federation were present at the IIC being;

Master Evan Davidson

Master Rocky Rounthwaite

Master Mahesh Bhana

Master Peter Barbour

Master James Rimmer

Master Steve Pellow

Master Andrew Salton

Master Gray Patterson

Master Moustapha El-Sheikh

We would like to thank Master Bhana and his organising committee team for hosting the IIC with excellent execution. Also special thanks to Master Pellow and his wife Fran for hosting a exclusive afternoon lunch for the Grand Masters and Masters at their home which allowed everyone to relax and enjoy a special time together over excellent food and even better company.



Behalf of Master Daher

Master El-Sheikh

Communications & Development

ITF Taekwon-do Australia



ITF Taekwon-do Australia would like to thank our President Master Daher and Business Development Adviser Mr Steve Sarkis for securing a premises in Rydalmere for the establishment of a fully owned full time training centre for the ITF Taekwon-do Australia Headquarters.

Mr Steve Sarkis has been a strong supporter and advocate of the promotion and development of ITF Taekwon-do Australia working tirelessly behind the scenes for the best interest of Taekwon-do in Australia. Mr Sarkis often accompanies Master Daher at International ITF events around the world and often been mistaken for Master Daher’s brother because of the striking resemblance and his many appearances internationally with the ITF board.

This centre in Sydney will become the dedicated headquarters of the NA in Australia. We can proudly say the premises will be operational after the planned renovations are completed in approximately 12 weeks with an estimated total budget of 2.2 million dollars.

The future of ITF Taekwon-do Australia is rapidly moving its expansion and growth with the guidance of President Master Daher, the Executive Board and its Business Developmet Adviser Mr Steve Sarkis.

Stay tuned for the official opening date and details.





With a big year planned ITF Taekwon-do Australia continues its dynamic growth and development as 38 of its members from NSW attended the Technical & Umpire seminar conducted in Sydney by Master Daher, Master El-Sheikh and Mr McIntyre.  On a sweltering hot day in Sydney with Temperatures reaching up to 49 degrees Celsius the dedicated were here to train and improve their skills in Taekwon-do.

The Technical Seminar was opened by Master Daher teaching offensive and defensive 5 stage attack combinations with the members drilling the combinations in 5 groups against simulated scenarios with the kicking shields progressing to human contact then sparring rounds against free moving opponents in the ring. Concluding this part of the session Master Daher had some of his students demonstrate a drill he teaches to help the students develop fast footwork while quickly changing directions against 4 kicking shields surrounding 1 student.

The second part of the Technical Seminar was conducted by Master El-Sheikh taking the members through stretching before covering patterns, fundamental movement principles, Theory of Power, training secret of Taekwon-do and the execution of natural body movement without exaggeration or unnatural human movements utilising correct sine wave execution.

After a short break for lunch the Umpire seminar was conducted by Mr Trevor McIntyre with a power point presentation, lecturing and actual  practice of scenario drills umpires encounter during competition. Mr McIntyre covered the topics of Terminology, umpire etiquette and conduct inside/outside the ring, legal body targets, correct scoring procedure, handling coach or competitor disputes, umpire hand signals, and conduct between the ring and Jury table.

The day was hugely successful with great feedback received from the members about the content and information taught throughout the day.  This Seminar kicks of the 2017 year which is planned to be even bigger than 2016 for the NA as we head towards the 2017 ITF World Championships Dublin Ireland and towards 2018 where Australia will host the ITF World on the Gold Coast Australia for the 2018 ITF World Cup.

Thank you to Master Daher, Master El-Sheikh, Mr McIntyre and all the people who work behind the scenes to make these and future events a reality and success.





Australia’s Premier ITF National Championships set for 2017 to exceed the 2016 Nationals participation record of 225 competitors.

This is the event you don’t want to miss Australia.

ITF Taekwon-do Australia 2017 Nationals is now confirmed to be held at Sydney Academy of Sport.

(Accommodation and Sports Hall on same grounds)

The Nationals will run over 2 days

Registrations : 5 August 8:00am Colour Belts      6 August 7:00am Black Belts

Competition :  5 & 6 August 2017

Venue: Sydney Academy of Sport, Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen         

More information to follow.




National Coaching Director Master El-Sheikh organised Team Australia Camp 1 which was held at the Sydney Academy of Sport on the Northern beaches of Sydney in Narrabeen 20-22 January 2017.

The camp officially kicks off Team Australia’s 2017 ITF World Championships campaign which are scheduled for 9-16 October 2017 in Dublin, Ireland.



Team Australia arrived into camp Friday afternoon and settled into there allocated rooms assigned by the National Team Managers Ken and Gail Hayden followed by Dinner with great food catered for by the training facility. After dinner everyone gathered in the lecture room where Master El-Sheikh  gave a welcoming speech introduction to the weekends camp and expectations for this campaign. Mr Trevor McIntyre also addressed the team helping the team understand the honour and privilege they have been given to represent their country at the highest level of Taekwon-do Competition in the World. The talks were followed with video analysis of past performances from recent championships and team talks with the state coaches.



Session 1 began at 6:30am with a specialised training session by former Rugby Sevens International Mr Roland Herea who put the team through 90 minutes of specific functional body movements associated with martial arts and techniques used to improve the central nervous system for sport. The Team thoroughly enjoyed this session which challenged the mind and body coordination.

Session 2 was in the pool where Master El-Sheikh put the team through 30 minute drill called Heaven-Earth-Hell this drill had the team push through the physical and then mental barriers as they began tiring while constantly being under pressure to perform. Next was the dry rope drill where the teams had to communicate and work together while moving laterally across the pool and keep the heavy rope dry finishing off with a treading water exercise.

Session 3 was the challenging high ropes course which saw the team work together encouraging and assisting their team mates through heights and fears that put people out of their comfort zones to different degrees some more than others but the whole team worked as one unit to all complete the activity with praise from the academy instructor on their teamwork.



The morning began with early morning breakfast before setting up the hall with the training equipment ready for the day ahead. Mr McIntyre addressed the team prior to the arrival of the Masters. ITF Board Member Master Daher and Master El-Sheikh were welcomed by the National Team after officially bowing in to our President Master Daher the team was seated while Master El-Sheikh spoke to the team about the history of ITF in Australia and the sacrifices Master Daher endured for the promotion of ITF in this country.

Mr McIntyre also spoke of this history in particular to the old competition days of representing Australia under Coach Master Daher and team mate Master El-Sheikh and their continuation as strong friends built on their shared passion and history of training which continues today as they pass on their knowledge to the future leaders of Taekwon-do.

Master Daher addressed the team with a speech on his history in Taekwon-do and the achievements of past teams and Australia bringing Oceania regions first ever ITF World Championships Medal win back in 1992. Master Daher told them of the honour and privilege they have been given to represent their country on the world stage and to continue working hard for their goals.

A historic moment for ITF Taekwon-do Australia was the surprise presentation of ITF 7 degree certificate by Master Daher to an emotional Master El-Sheikh who reflected and shared his beginnings and stories as a young boy who absorbed and copied everything Master Daher taught and executed in his movements.

The National Team was put through a group warm up by Master El-Sheikh before splitting into groups training under state coaches Mr Michael Nguyen, Mr Trent Hayden, Melanie Khadi and Umpire Chairman Mr Trevor McIntyre. The coaches covered sparring, patterns, special techniques and power breaking while National Team Managers Ken & Gail Hayden monitored the team and worked on team logistics for this campaign.

At the conclusion of the day National Coaching Director Master El-Sheikh announced the captain of the Australian Team for 2017 to be Mr Trent Hayden who will lead the Aussies into competition. Master Daher addressed the National Team and reminded them of their duties and responsibilities in representing Australia with honour and respect before officially closing National Team Camp 1.

We wish the team all the success and may they enjoy this amazing experience in representing Australia.





Today marks the unfortunate passing of second ITF President after The General, Grand Master Tran Trieu Quan who tragically got caught in the 2010 Haiti and passed away.

Grand Master Tran was born on March 26, 1952, in Vietnam. He began his study of taekwondo when he was twelve years old. Grand Master Tran attained black belt status by the age of 17, and was teaching taekwondo under his instructor, Kim Bong Sik. He emigrated to Canada in 1970, studying mechanical engineering at Laval University and establishing the first taekwondo schools in eastern Canada.

Apart from his extensive taekwondo activities, Grand Master Tran operated Norbati Consultants Tran & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in building standards and project management for the construction sector.

Grand Master Tran was in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on business (ironically, working on improving building standards to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes), and was staying in the Hotel Montana when it collapsed in a 7 magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010.

Today we remember a great President of the ITF and Grand Master who worked tirelessly to develop the ITF into a professional organisation as we still feel the effects of the works he initiated till this day.

Rest in peace dear Grand Master.




Master El-Sheikh


Communication & Development


ITF Taekwon-do Australia President Master Daher & the Executive Board would like to congratulate the following members from the National Association & Allied Association for their successful selection onto the National Team that will represent Australia at the ITF Taekwon-do World Championships Dublin, Ireland 9-16 October 2017. We wish you success in your preparations and campaign to the world championships.



Shelley Shamrock

Charlie Dagher

Zak Scott

Paul Wehbe

Oxana Gorskina

Leon Sejranovic

Lani Massoud

Armani Haddad

Trent Hayden

Sam Murray

Chris Sarkis

Erin Carter

Brooke Ryan

Paul Generakis

Dylan Delicana

Matthew Travieso

Jacob Khadi

Jemima Hodge

Gillian Thornton

Michael Byrnes

Anthony Lim

Teresa Le

Abbey Wackett

Aiden Duryea

Euen Chong

James Sarkis

Stephanie Bracks

Mohammed Sadiq

Kaira Naik

Brandon Harper

Ryan Seymour

Tony Jr Haddad

Adele Barnes Cook

Shawn Sutton

Michelle Harper



Dates :           20th – 22nd of January, 2017
Location :     Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation,
                       Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen, NSW, 2101
Friday 20 January
3pm- 4pm          Team arrivals
5pm – 6pm        Team Meeting Lecture Room
6pm – 7pm.       Dinner
7pm – 9pm.       Video Lecture Room
Saturday 21 January
7am – 8am       Functional Fitness with Roland Herea
8am – 9am       Breakfast
10am -12 pm    Pool Training & Free Time
12pm -1pm       Lunch
1pm – 4pm      Team Building Activities
6pm -7pm        Dinner
7pm – 9pm      Team Meeting Lecture Room
Sunday 22 January 
7am – 8am       Breakfast
8am – 12pm     Taekwon-do (Main Gym)
12pm- 1pm       Lunch
1pm – 4pm       Taekwon-do (Main Gym)
4pm –                Depart Camp

Guest trainer ex Rugby Union and Rugby 7’s elite performance athlete Mr Roland Herea will put the team through a 90 minute session Saturday Morning to open up the National Team Camp 1.

Roland will cover ;
* mobility/stability assessment movements
* dynamic stretches and resistance band activations.
* specific sport movement pattern utilization through core engagement.
* power/explosive strikes/plyometrics
* Mindset/motivation
* Nutrition/Hydration
* Training/movements
* Recovery/regeneration
* Athlete Lifestyle









Special Guest ITF Board Member, Oceania Taekwon-do Federation & ITF Taekwon-do Australia N.A. President Master Daher will be in attendance at the camp. I would like to remind all National Team members of upholding the tenets of Taekwon-do at all times as you now represent the best of the best and are now the face of Australia. Look forward to seeing you all soon.


Master El-Sheikh
National Coaching Director


Happy New Year 2017


ITF Taekwon-do Australia President Master Daher and the Executive Board would like to wish all its Taekwon-Do instructors and practititioners a Happy New Year and we look forward to building on the success from 2016 as we continue to develop and grow.  For those of you looking for an organisation that can give you the support to develop and grow as a Taekwon-Do instructor/student then contact us today to see how easy it is to join the winning team.  For our members we thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to serving you in 2017.

We have strong international support, with our President an active member of the ITF Board and President of the Oceania Taekwon-do Federation. The President along with the executive board are focused on developing and growing Taekwon-do in the region as we move towards being the host nation of the 2018 ITF World Cup Gold Coast Australia where over 65 countries are expected to participate with close to 2000 competitors.


ITF Taekwon-do Australia 2016 achievements;

  • Master Sparring seminar Sydney
  • Senior Black Belt Testings across Australia
  • IIC at Sea (USA, Jamaica, Haiti) Master El-Sheikh promoted to 7th degree
  • Fight Series 1 Championships Sydney
  • National Squad Training Day Sydney
  • ITF International Umpire Course New Zealand
  • Fight Series 2 Championships Gold Coast
  • National Squad Training Day Gold Coast
  • Oceania Championships Auckland New Zealand
  • Master Technical Workshop Sydney
  • Umpire Courses Conducted across Australia
  • Beach Training and Master Competition Course Newcastle
  • ITF Victorian Challenge Melbourne
  • ITF World Cup Championships Budapest Hungary  (The biggest ITF Championships in history with 1852 competitors)
  • ITF Taekwon-do Australia National Championships Sydney ( 225 competitors )
  • National Team Selected for 2017
  • Master Technical Course and Degree Testing Perth Western Australia


Upcoming 2017 Events;

  • National Team Camp 1 Sydney
  • Technical & Umpire Seminar Sydney
  • ITF International Instructor Course Auckland New Zealand
  • 3rd ITF Convention Benidorm Spain (5 days of training, conferences and lectures)
  • Umpire Seminar Melbourne
  • Umpire Seminar Perth
  • Umpire Seminar QLD
  • Invitational National Championships Auckland New Zealand
  • ITF Taekwon-do Australia National Championships Sydney
  • National Team Camp 2 Sydney
  • ITF World Championships Dublin Ireland
  • ITF Victorian Challenge Melbourne
  • ITF Taekwon-do Australia Instructor Conference



ITF Taekwon-do Australia would like to welcome all who are interested in joining us for the positive development of ITF Taekwon-do in Australia. Everyone one of our members is important and contributes to ITF Taekwon-do development in Australia.



Master El-Sheikh


Communications & Development

ITF Taekwon-do Australia