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On the weekend of 19 & 20 September 2015 ITF-KMA dojang hosted the annual IL-Shim International Taekwon-do Instructor Course in preparations for next months degree testings on the Gold Coast 24-25 October 2015.

ITF Taekwon-do Australia President Master Michael Daher conducted the training course with intensive coverage over all the patterns from Chon-Ji to Tong IL, Kicking execution and 4 directional fundamental drills. The executive committee had meetings over dinner Saturday night discussing future development and strategies for the National Associtaion and its members along with planning issues for the 2018 ITF World Cup, Gold Coast Australia.





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DATE : 28 August 2015

Dear ITF Taekwon-do Australia NA & Allied Association Members



The executive board calls for applications in consideration to be selected for the positions of National Team Coach & National Team Manager for the 2016 ITF World Cup / 2017 ITF World Championships campaigns.

All interested parties should forward their application & credentials for consideration to ITF Taekwon-do Australia Secretary General Mr John Abdallah.

The National Team Coach & National Team Manager shall be announced via the NA website & NA Facebook page by 1 January of 2016.



National Association & Allied Association members are invited to apply for the National Squad Team.

ITF Taekwon-do Australia in accordance with the ITF By Laws will be forming a National Squad Team which will develop a National Squad training program under the National Coach and the assistant coaches selected. This National Squad training program will assist the National Coach and the selection committee in their assessment and analysis of competitors leading up to the final selection (date to be advised) of the National Team Members to represent Australia at the 2017 ITF World Championships.


Only Members of the National Squad Team will be considered for National Team Selection.

Registered National Squad Members will be announced 1 February 2016


Note minimum age & rank requirements for each international competition:

ITF World Cup must be Blue Belt and 12 Years old on October 13 2016

ITF World Championships must be Black belt and 14 years old on October 16 2017


Minimum requirements for applicants:

Age:                  12 years old

Rank:               Blue Belt (4th kup)

Attendance:   75% of scheduled program (approximation)


All applicants shall complete the relevant form and submit with payment of $100 to ITF Taekwon-do Australia. Payment is non-refundable and does not guarantee final selection onto the National Team.

All monies collected from squad members will be used to assist our official National Team selected to represent Australia at the 2017 ITF World Championships in Ireland.

The individual’s selection is dependent on overall performance, skill, commitment, discipline, attitude, work ethic, state of mind, improvement and potential to perform at an international standard at the time of the ITF World Championships.




John Abdallah

Secretary General

ITF Taekwon-do Australia

Mobile: 0449216856


On the 22nd August 2015 ITF Taekwon-do Australia National Championships were held in Melbourne.

The Tournament was hosted and organised by Il-Shim International Taekwon-do Melbourne with a small but committed attendance of disciplined competitors ready for a great competition. The ITF Taekwon-do Australia President Master Michael Daher unfortunately was unable to attend this year but was represented by the Senior Vice President Moustapha El-Sheikh.

Vice President Paul Harper welcomed competitors, supporters & officials in his opening address followed by chairman of the umpire committee Gerard Kelly briefing everyone on the rules and procedures for the day prior to commencing the tournament and heading the officiating on the day. Events contested on the day were patterns, sparring, power breaking & special technique. The Vice President Paul Harper in his closing address acknowledged all the people behind the scenes and everyone who supported the event but especially Mrs Michelle Harper who organised the whole event. Thank you once again for putting together a great National Competition looking forward to 2016 and seeing you all there.


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IIC at SEA 2016


The ITF-USA invites you to come with us to make history!

On February 22, 2016, the ITF will hold it’s first truly International Instructor’s Course, held across two countries and international waters over five days! We will set sail on the Independence of the Seas, one of the most luxurious ocean liners sailing the seven seas, for a true Taekwon-Do adventure.

You are invited to train with the Grandmasters on the beach and on the high seas, while giving you (and your family and friends) the additional chance to reside in the lap of luxury aboard a world-class vessel and enjoy sightseeing and land activities on two separate islands.

And – you can do this for LESS than the cost of a normal hotel/resort-based IIC!

ITF Taekwon-do Australia will be present at this historical event with our President Master Michael Daher & Senior Vice President Moustapha El-Sheikh planning on attending.  If anyone is interested in attending visit the IIC at SEA website for more information & registration.

IIC 103 Gold Coast Australia 2015


After a very successful weekend with our ITF President and the ITF technical committee its back to normal and training for all with renewed energy in our Taekwon-do training and knowledge.

Official report found here on the ITF website : INTERNATIONAL TAEKWON-DO FEDERATION

A personal perspective of the experience of our newest member Mr Alfio Viscuso and his thoughts of what he saw at the IIC 103 on the Gold Coast.


After months of anticipation, the Gold Coast, Australia welcomed ITF President Grandmaster Trajtenberg and the ITF Technical committee composing of Grandmaster Marano, Grandmaster Lan and Master McPhail to conduct International Instructor Course number 103 over the weekend commencing Friday 31 July 2015 and concluding Sunday 2nd August 2015.
Day 1 kicked off with Grandmaster Trajtenberg officially opening the IIC.  
Grandmaster Trajtenberg Started proceedings  with a fantastic talk on General Choi and some Taekwon-do theory based on the Theory of Power and the 9 training secrets.
Master McPhail then stepped up and took a really enjoyable warm up involving tuls with a playful side, for example having to do a push up every time we performed a block in Won Hyo. Lots of fun and a great workout.
Grandmaster Marano then conducted his first session of the IIC as tuls Chon-ji through to Do-San were broken down and explained in great detail.
The session concluded with Grandmaster Lan going through step sparring and what the importance was for each three step, two step and one step sparring, at this point everyone paired up and went through a few drills.
Day 2 started bright and early with Grandmaster Lan taking the warm up and boy did he get us sweating and ready for tuls with Grandmaster Marano who took us through the previous day’s tuls right through to Choong Moo tul.
Master McPhail then conducted a really enjoyable session on self defense  and gave us a lot of insight into the new curriculum being applied in New Zealand which focussed on how to diffuse a situation to the extent of how to deal with it. A great session indeed.
After lunch there was another session on Tuls, reaching Juche tul, considered by most to be the most difficult of Tuls however with the explanation and detailed tips given to us by Master McPhail, Juche is easier, well at least we are able to perform it better, than we previously were able to.
The day concluded with another wonderful session conducted by grandmaster Lan which included sparring drills which of course were both demanding yet enjoyable and was a great way to finish up day 2.
There were many drills that I will be taking back with me to implement in my own class.
After two fantastic and informative days, day 3 commenced with a wonderful photo of all attendees to commemorate this wonderful event.
After the photo, Grandmaster Marano outlined what the final day had in store for us.
Grandmaster Lan took the morning warm up session, as he had done the previous day and boy does he get you warmed up and stretched really well.
All belts up to and including second degrees were taken aside and together with Master McPhail went through and revised their tuls whilst 3rd degree holders and above remained with Grandmaster Lan and went through tuls Sam-il, Yoo-sin and Choi Yong. For the next hour or so these tuls we’re broken down step by step and explained in great detail.
I just have to add that I was in awe of GM Lan’s skill and energy, he is so full of energy and positivity.
Once completed, ITF President, Grandmaster Pablo Trajtenberg took over and went through 4th Degree tuls, Yon-gae, Ul-Ji and Moon-Moo. What a wonderful session, very easy to follow and so enjoyable, The session was very interactive and again detailed. The patterns were made so easy and I personally picked up so much which has, even after the weekend, made my patterns more powerful and fluid, like water, the analogy used by GM Trajtenberg, and to quote him, it all seems so natural now.
The next session had GM Lan conducting a sparring session and then a self defence session for all levels up to 4th Degree, in which was very enjoyable and informative.
I remained with the great Grandmaster Marano, wow, what a man, his attention to detail and his immeasurable wealth of knowledge is incredible, he is so precise and it is no wonder he is the chairman of the technical committee. I have a massive admiration for him. He made even the most difficult techniques easy with his detailed explanations and guidance. I wish I got to spend more time with him. He just oozes confidence and knowledge.
He took us through 5th Degree tuls, So-San and Se-Jong, great session, with great detail and explanation, he never cuts anything short and always has time to explain, and what great explanations.
The final session was for all participants 6 Degree and above to go through Tong-Il with GM Marano whilst all the 5 Degrees joined GM Lan during his self defence session.
The day unfortunately came to a close after this and each of the masters and Grandmasters shared their thoughts and gave great speeches which only made me admire and respect them more as their words were both sincere and  uplifting.
ITF president GM Trajtenberg then closed the 103rd IIC.
The day however did not end here as once we arrived back to the hotel from the seminar location, a group of say 50 attendees went down to surfers paradise beach and mall for a quick video and photo op to promote World Cup 2018, another thrilling experience which the grandmasters enjoyed, as did the unsuspecting public. Great work by Mr El Sheikh who led the way.
On a personal note, What a truly wonderful experience, I have never experienced anything like it. I have never attended a seminar that I just wished would keep on going, I loved every second of it.
What more can be said about the ITF President and Technical committee, they are wonderful people and leaders in every sense. My only regret is that it was only 3 days.
I will definitely be attending future events.
I am new to ITF after moving from another group and I am so happy that I have come across. The professionalism and expertise and knowledge of the Grandmasters is unrivaled. But more importantly, they are wonderful people who want what is best for us, all ITF members and they are definitely doing all they can to ensure that Taekwon- do and the legacy left by General Choi is carried on and respected.
A big thank you to Master Daher and his team, especially Mr Abdallah, who put this wonderful event together.
It was a real pleasure, a wonderful experience.
Many thanks and Taekwon
Sabum Alfio Viscuso
5th Degree Taekwon-do ITF
Ki Martial Arts Academy

ITF Taekwon-do Australia National Championships 22 August 2015 Melbourne


Come and test yourself at this year’s National Championships with members from the 2015 National Team present, hot off their ITF World Championships campaign.”

Don’t miss it !

Date : Saturday, 22nd August, 2015
Location : Chandler Community Centre, Keysborough College, 28 Isaac Road, Keysborough
Weigh in commences : 8.15am
Competition starts : 9am
Applications close : 5th August, 2015

Register here

All Enquiries to; 

Michelle Harper

Mobile : 0402 810 562





Historic Meeting for Taekwon-do in Australia.

A historic meeting took place in Melbourne on the 9th of May 2015 during a business trip regarding the ITF World Cup 2018 Gold Coast. The meeting between the President of the Oceania Taekwon-do Federation & ITF Taekwon-do Australia Master Michael Daher & the President of United ITF Taekwon-do Australia Master Michael Muleta with our National Coach Moustapha El-Sheikh present witnessing the positive talks which aim at developing & building Taekwon-do in Australia with mutual cooperation for major Taekwon-do events in this country. We in Australia look forward to building this cooperation and harmony being spearheaded by our President Master Michael Daher.

Australian Team Training Camp 2015

National Taekwon-do Team Camp

National Taekwon-do Team Training

25-26 April 2015 Sydney Australia

We wish the Australian team luck in their final preparations as we draw closer to the ITF World Championships to be held in Jesolo Italy.

The whole country is proud of you and all of ITF Australia are right behind you.