High Performance & Junior development Program

As a result of the recent world championships and with the ITF World Cup 2018 fast approaching, Master Daher and the board of ITF Australia have given approval to implement the Junior Development Program and the High Performance program.

The aims of these programs are to raise the technical standards of Australia and bringing them in line with the world’s best, by training both mind and body.

The program will run under the guidance of the High Performance Advisory group and specialist coaches in each of the ITF Taekwon-Do discipline’s.

Please note that students who will be age 12 by September 2018 may also be involved in the program. The same applies for belt levels, i.e. must be blue belt by September 2018.

As you are aware, these are the minimum age and belt level to compete in the World Cup.

Our specialist coaches are in the process of putting plans together for these programs and these plans will be initially implemented at the camps and will be passed on to the instructors to ensure that these plans are followed during training between camps.

Camps will be held on a monthly basis for Sydney based students, to be held on Saturday mornings. These will be held at the National Association Full time training Centre. A fantastic facility that has been put together by Master Daher and Mr Steve Sarkis, which offers best equipment available.

High Performance Advisor Group (HPAG) and Specialist coaches

High Performance Advisor
Sabum Alfio Viscuso (5th Degree)

Group Members:
Master Michael Daher (8th Degree), Sabum Paul Harper (6th Degree) and Sabum Trevor McIntyre (5th Degree)

Head Coach – Sabum Frans Christenson (5th Degree). 

Assistant Coaches –

Sabum Alfio Viscuso (5th Degree) and Mrs Melanie Khadi (1st Degree)  – Sparring

Sabum Trevor McIntyre (5th degree)  – Patterns & Pre Arranged

Sabum Paul Harper (6th Degree) – Power & Special  

Mrs Melanie Khadi (1st Degree) – Pre Arranged  

Team Manager – Mr Adrian Travieso 

The following is an online application form to be a member of the High Performance & Junior Development Program for ITF TKD Australia.

Upon acceptance to this program by the HP advisory panel a document detailing the program will be sent out to applicants for acceptance and sign off.

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