IL Shim International Taekwon-do is headed by the world renowned 8th Dan, Master Michael Daher. Through “The Master” himself and his high- ranking instructors within Australia, we offer professional instruction in the traditional teachings of General Choi Hong Hi, Grandmaster and Father of Taekwon-do.

As a 4th Degree International instructor Michael Daher formed the organisation named IL Shim TaeKwon-Do Academy. The first club under the instruction of Michael Daher was in Eastwood where members would flock from as far a Sydney CBD to train.

Training was very different then. Hard, forceful classes were given every night the class was taken. Michael Daher would have the students pulsing through their paces for a full session. Speak to the original members and you will see that spirit, dedication and determination were the main factors which gave the organisation the name it is today. Original members of this academy included Moustapha El-Sheikh, aged 6 years who was one of the youngest students training, George Jeaitani, Mario Moujalli, Greg Ferguson, Ray Tupora and Joe Khamis.

Within a few years the name of IL Shim Taekwon-Do Academy spread to encompass Victoria and and because of the influx of clubs to the academy in 1990 it was changed to IL Shim International Taekwon-Do. This allowed the club to then branch as an international organisation, with clubs in Sri Lanka, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates.

Through dedicated training these members were feared by many of the other ITF clubs in the country and the colours of the tracksuits; black and gold, were the stepping stone to winning gold or silver. Tournaments were the highlight of the club members and they achieved the results to prove it.

In 1990, five members from IL Shim International Taekwon-Do were selected to represent Australia in the first ever national team to compete for world titles. Mario Moujalli, Rachel Younger, Greg Ferguson, Ray Tuporo and Moustapha El-Sheikh travelled to Montreal, Canada to compete for their country. Having returned with valuable experience on the international stage it was only a matter of time until an international medal was achieved by an IL Shim International member.

This medal came in 1992 when Moustapha El-Sheikh achieved a Bronze medal at the 8th ITF World Championships in North Korea. It was from here the results on an international level started to develop.

Currently, the organisation has now grown to become one of the leading forces in General Choi Hong Hi’s ITF technique in Australia. Clubs named IL SHIM are found in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria along with clubs affiliated worldwide.

Determination creates success

Master Michael Bou Daher
(8th Degree Black Belt)

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