IMAAM Technical Seminar Sydney

( IMAAM ) Independent Martial Arts Academy Malaysia President Ahmad Najib Hashim, Shafiq Talha, Ahmad Farhan Abdullah and Azim Hashim were guests of our President Master Daher and Senior Vice President Master El-Sheikh who conducted a technical seminar covering the following topics ;

  • Natural body movement
  • Sine wave principles in action
  • Resistance Pattern training
  • Step sparring
  • Patterns
  • Kicking execution

The seminar conducted today by Master Daher & Master El-Sheikh specifically for the IMAAM instructors preceding their Grading under Master Daher in Sydney Australia.

The IMAAM instructors were supported by Mr Trevor McIntyre and Sam Murray who travelled down from Newcastle for the day along with some of the IL-Shim Squad members from Sydney. A great day of training and friendship was developed during the seminar between ITF Taekwon-do Australia and Independent Martial Arts Academy Malaysia ( IMAAM ).

At the completion of the Seminar Master Daher & Master El-Sheikh took our guests for a traditional Lebanese lunch followed by Mado coffee and special ice cream which is shipped directly from Turkey and found only in one restaurant in Sydney.

We wish our guests a enjoyable stay and successful grading in Australia



Master El-Sheikh


Communications & Development



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