We are excited for 2018, it all starts with the opening of the fulltime centre combined with Mr Mark Trotter Seminar.
Mr Trotter is 9 x World Champion 4 x World cup champion and multiple national champion of New Zealand hosted by Master Michael Daher.

Maximum Potential – to support and nurture success on the national and international stage”.
The Programme provides that pathway for athletes, coaches and officials and enables them to learn and develop to be the best in the world. Another part of that pathway is to develop a comprehensive competition strategy. This will include holding international events in Australia in order to provide a profile within Australia and to maintain Australia’s place in the international TKD community.

Mr Trotter will be covering Patterns, sparring and prearranged techniques.

• Tuls coaching
• Fundamental techniques training
• Kicking drills for Tuls
• Sparring Drill
• Sparring strategy
• Strength & Conditioning assessments
• Pre-arranged component:
o you must have your team arranged and have your 60-75 second already to be worked with.
o Teams black belt only male and female teams only no mixed teams.

10th & 11th February 2018
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Mark Trotter seminar

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