President Master Michael Daher

ITF Taekwon-Do (Australia) has been formed to create a united entity through which the art of the original Taekwon-Do as founded by General Choi Hong Hi can be conducted, promoted and administered in and throughout Australia.

It will promote, encourage and foster the Art to advance the mutual interest of practitioners and discourage and prevent practices or activities likely to be detrimental to the Art or to the interests of practitioners.

It will encourage all practitioners of the Art to achieve through Taekwon-Do the mental training and techniques of unarmed combat for self-defence as well as health.

It will encourage high standards be maintained in matters of technique and behaviour by holding regular seminars, tournaments, demonstrations and training camps and disseminating information in connection to ITF Taekwon-Do for Instructors and students. In so doing it will encourage members to realise their potential as practitioners of the art and promote the health and safety of its members through Risk Management Procedures, Child Protection and Code of Conduct Policies and to ensure that ITF Taekwon-Do (Australia). and all affiliated organisations are drug free.

It will strive to gain government and public recognition and support for ITF Taekwon-Do (Australia) and use and protect the Intellectual Property of the organisation including but not limited to logos, trademarks, copyright and names in any equipment, product, publication or event developed by the organisation

It will represent, affiliate and liaise with the International Taekwon-Do Federation and provide the accreditation documentation from the International Taekwon-Do Federation for its Instructors and Students and disseminate and secure uniformity in the Rules and Regulations developed by the ITF in conjunction with ITF Taekwon-Do (Australia) necessary for the management and control of ITF Taekwon-Do and related activities.


President                                          Master Daher

Senior Vice President                      Master El-Sheikh

Vice President & Sec. General.        Paul Harper

Executive                                          John Abdallah

Treasurer                                          Michelle Harper