Ki Martial Arts Academy

Welcome to Ki Martial Arts Academy (KMA). A Martial Arts Dojang that incorporates training of the mind and body – resulting in the development of well-balanced, skilled and assertive individuals. We do this by applying the beauty and finesse of Martial Arts to real life situations.

Martial Arts are a way of life, a life-long journey and our aim is to share our passion with the next generation of Martial Artists on this rewarding path.

We will be predominantly teaching Taekwon-Do (a martial art that utilises many kicking techniques), but also incorporate Muay Thai, boxing, self-defence techniques and meditation, to develop an all round martial artist who can protect themselves and tackle the many challenges that life presents.

Training at KMA promotes self-confidence and finding your Ki, that is, your inner strength, which in turn improves the ability to perform in stressful situations. Once you find your Ki, you will be amazed with what you can accomplish.

At KMA we conduct Gradings 3 times a year for our students. We are privileged that these gradings will be conducted by Master Nak, a true Gentleman and wonderfully talented Martial Artist. We offer students the opportunity to enter competitions and participate in display exhibitions that showcase their skills and discipline.

A student of Martial Arts gains more than knowledge of kicking, punching and throwing. These skills are external demonstrations of our physical abilities. More importantly, it strengthens the mind and spirit. Students benefit greatly by learning the skills which develop self-confidence, along with an awareness of danger and the ability to distance themselves from such situations.

True Martial Artists are at peace with themselves and their surroundings. Children and adults alike will learn respect for themselves and others, while helping them achieve the goals they set for themselves in life.