National Team In Ireland

The national team represented by competitors, coaches & officials for NSW, QLD, Vic & WA headed to Ireland for the World Championships. The excitement for many first time competitors was growing as we set off for Ireland from across the country.


Competition was going to be tough with the world’s best gathering for this event. Patterns events started the competition on the first day, with the level of competition the highest of any ITF group with most divisions having 35 plus competitors and last Worlds winner and vis in attendance competition was tough. All Aussies giving there best with most going out in the first round.

1st Degree Patterns

Teresa Le going down to Germany in the second round.

Richelle Shamrock, Jacob Khadi and Charle Dagher going down in the first round.

2nd Degree Patterns

Jemima Hodge going down to Russia in the second round.

3rd Degree patterns

Samuel Murray going down to Finland in the 3rd round.

Michael Byrnes going down to Netherlands in second round.



First round loses to Oxana Gorskina v’s Poland , Paul Wehbe v’s Russia, Brooke Ryan v’s Argentina, Matthew Travieso v’s Russia, James Sarkis v’s Ireland, Corey Massoud v’s USA, Leon Sejranovic v’s Belorussia & Jacob Khadi v’s Romania 

Charlie Dagher at his first World championships winning against Romania & Canada but going down to Spain in the third round missing out on a medal with Spain finishing runner up.

Jemima Hodge winning against Chile going down in the second round to USA

Samuel Murray winning against Honduras going down to Ukraine in the second round to eventual runner up and post junior world champion Ivan Gryshchuk.

Trent Hayden was in with a medal opportunity with wins against Finland & Argentina when in the final 30second of his winning match against Italy was injured an could not take the mat against New Zealand in the fourth round, New Zealand moved through and finished runner up.

First timer Kiara Naik competed well winning against Paraguay, Ireland but going down to Poland in the third round missing out on a medal.

Power Breaking

Adele Barnes-Cook missing breaks and not placing

Richelle Shamrock breaking all first breaks 12 points missing etra round to finish 9th from field of 49

Lani Massoud breaking both hand techniques missing sidekick to finish 19


Special Techniques

Richelle Shamrock making 1 from 3 techniques finishing 15th

Corer Massoud missing all his heights

Leon Sejranovic making 2 from 5 techniques finishing 13th

Trent Hayden making 2 from 5 techniques finishing 9th 


Pre-arranged sparring Teams

Jemima Hodge and Samuel Murray going down in the first round the World Champions from New Zealand

Jacob Khadi and Charlie Dagher going down to Romania in the first round


Team Sparring 

Junior Male team sparring going down to Scotland in the first round.



First time international umpires Trevor McIntyre and Gerard Kelly representing Australia well showing that Australia has quality umpires.

Mr Trevor McIntyre had the privilege of corner judging the final of team sparring Germany and Ireland on ring one at the gala night and closing ceremony.

Ring council and Mr Trevor McIntyre with Master Scott Downey

Master Michael Daher and Steve Sarkis attended as VIP guests