Senior Grading

ITF Taekwon-do Australia President Master Daher conducts a senior degree grading in Sydney Australia for visiting International Instructors from Independent Martial Arts Academy Malaysia.

Master Daher was assisted by Master El-Sheikh who hosted the grading at his full time Dojang in Sydney along with Mr Trevor McIntyre who came all the way down from Newcastle to assist and support the grading.

The 4 instructors were put through a rigorous grading procedure under Master Daher who pushed the instructors through their limits and beyond breaking points to assist in the growth and development as true martial artists.

  • Patterns multiple times
  • 3 step sparring
  • 2 step sparring
  • 1 step sparring
  • Free sparring
  • 1 vs 2 sparring
  • 1 vs 3 sparring
  • Ground sparring
  • Theoretical explanations
  • Strength Fitness test
  • Fitness Test 1 by Master Daher
  • Fitness Test 2 by Master El-Sheikh
  • Breaking Techniques

After completing all the technical & theory requirements the point of no return began. The physical and mental fitness test commenced where Master Daher would push the candidates through a Taekwon-do circuit multiple times having them gasping for oxygen as they pushed to not break and complete the rounds.

After multiple circuits and rounds Master El-Sheikh set up one last 4 station circuit which he uses for the national Taekwon-do team with Master Daher pushing them for their last 4 minutes from hell this last part had them on their last breath and they showed their mental toughness and willingness to fight and finish strong.

The results were presented after a brief talk by Master Daher about the Grading and the purpose and reason behind his brutal testing methods which he is renowned for world wide.  Only 3 candidates were qualified and met the ITF requirements to grade as Ahmad Farhan requires IIC attendance before he is eligible to test even so he requested from Master Daher to put him through a practice test along with the other official grading candidates. All the grading candidates knew it wouldn’t be an easy grading but they said afterward they never expected it to be as hard as it was but they were overjoyed at its completion and were very happy they had tested under Master Daher in Sydney Australia.

Grading Candidtates               Result

Ahmad Najib Hashim                   5  Degree

Shafiq Talha                                    5  Degree

Azim Hashim                                  2  Degree

Ahmad Farhan                               Practice test

ITF Taekwon-do Australia congratulates you all on your efforts this past week culminating in this challenging grading. We commend you all on completing a grading where you can wear the rank earned with honour, pride and integrity.

The IMAAM instructors invited Master Daher, Master El-Sheikh, Trevor McIntyre and Paul Wehbe to a celebratory lunch to thank them for their hospitality, training and grading to complete their week long Taekwon-do tour in Australia. We look forward to building this friendship between our two countries and working for ITF Taekwon-do promotion and harmony world wide.




Master El-Sheikh


Communication & Development


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