With a big year planned ITF Taekwon-do Australia continues its dynamic growth and development as 38 of its members from NSW attended the Technical & Umpire seminar conducted in Sydney by Master Daher, Master El-Sheikh and Mr McIntyre.  On a sweltering hot day in Sydney with Temperatures reaching up to 49 degrees Celsius the dedicated were here to train and improve their skills in Taekwon-do.

The Technical Seminar was opened by Master Daher teaching offensive and defensive 5 stage attack combinations with the members drilling the combinations in 5 groups against simulated scenarios with the kicking shields progressing to human contact then sparring rounds against free moving opponents in the ring. Concluding this part of the session Master Daher had some of his students demonstrate a drill he teaches to help the students develop fast footwork while quickly changing directions against 4 kicking shields surrounding 1 student.

The second part of the Technical Seminar was conducted by Master El-Sheikh taking the members through stretching before covering patterns, fundamental movement principles, Theory of Power, training secret of Taekwon-do and the execution of natural body movement without exaggeration or unnatural human movements utilising correct sine wave execution.

After a short break for lunch the Umpire seminar was conducted by Mr Trevor McIntyre with a power point presentation, lecturing and actual  practice of scenario drills umpires encounter during competition. Mr McIntyre covered the topics of Terminology, umpire etiquette and conduct inside/outside the ring, legal body targets, correct scoring procedure, handling coach or competitor disputes, umpire hand signals, and conduct between the ring and Jury table.

The day was hugely successful with great feedback received from the members about the content and information taught throughout the day.  This Seminar kicks of the 2017 year which is planned to be even bigger than 2016 for the NA as we head towards the 2017 ITF World Championships Dublin Ireland and towards 2018 where Australia will host the ITF World on the Gold Coast Australia for the 2018 ITF World Cup.

Thank you to Master Daher, Master El-Sheikh, Mr McIntyre and all the people who work behind the scenes to make these and future events a reality and success.



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